Thumbnail shine

I was minding my business in the galleria of Rosebank Mall in Johannesburg when I was asked to answer a few questions by an enterprising Israeli representative of a beauty product line based in the US.  When in South Africa I spend quality time walking in that renowned mall trying to avoid the two or three weekly stands in the middle of the main galleria going from the falafel place to the movie theater on the other hand a floor below.  To avoid the beauty product stands I tend to go up the escalator on one hand and descend on the other hand, but this particular day around closing time (6 pm) I decided to answer the call from Mister Noam.

I was used to the question and answer dynamic from my trips to Tel Aviv and Haifa.  He asked me about the women in my life (wife and daughter and mother), my birthplace, and other questions leading to the beauty products (only three) well packaged and made in Israel.  He asked me to show him my thumbnail and using a multifaceted cotton “brush” he asked me if I wanted to remove the visible lines in my nail.  Then he proceeded with the cotton brush and when he asked me to compare thumbnails I realized the one he had finished polishing was really shining.  I thought he had put in a polish of sorts.  I was impressed by I wanted to get rid of the shine.  He told me it would disappear in four weeks.

I didn’t know what to say, but I was upset because I didn’t care for that shine.  He tried a cream and something else and offered me a good deal on everything which I declined.  Mister Noam was persistent but I don’t go for those commercial strategies.  I should have never stopped to listen to the pitch and to the shine, but then again I would never have talked religion with Mister Noam.


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