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Grace, wisdom and justice

November 6, 2011

The sacred and the profane.  Torn between the material and the spiritual, back to back blogs, one deals with angels, the other with humans.  Although pilipili and sakasaka are mundane things, even angels need vegetables, so the material stuff feeds the spirit at least on this earth.

After a leave of absence of sorts pilipili will make its diabetic and vegetarian and spiritual point of view known to both humans, commentators and spam readers, as one of the seven billion contributors that should be speaking, speaking up, voting and living great lives.

The gracewisdomjustice blog in remains alive thanks to the few readers taking the time to read lines that may not, one hopes, be a waste of their time.


Chick peas and falafel in pita

March 8, 2011

There may not be a cure for diabetes just yet, but in the meantime may I suggest to those who feel and indeed are deprived of chocolates and croissants and who patiently suffer when entering patisseries and other sweet shops and yet longingly look at all those colorful concoctions and remember sweet days of yesteryear, may I suggest, as I started saying,  that they instead find joy in chick peas gently sauteed with onions and whole wheat rice or “riz complet” on the side on mondays, wednesdays and fridays, and on the remaining days of the week find joy and relish the famous middle eastern falafel pita sandwhiches and in so doing may we all find  satisfaction in boycotting those awful fattening sweet things and be assured that in so doing we are keeping our sensitive physiology within holy boundaries.